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If you found there were alien artifacts on a planet or moon near us what would you do personally about it? Or what would you expect others to do about it?

We have seen this situation in various movies and books. For example in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey an alien artifact was found on the Moon. The US government went to excavate and examine it. This is what the audience would have expected; it would have seemed strange if they just left it there. Then when they determined where the artifact had sent a signal they constructed a ship to go there as well, again it would have seemed unthinkable to do nothing about it. Perhaps human curiosity would drive them to go or a fear of the unknown.

More recently the movie Prometheus was about finding an alien message of a star map on Earth. In the movie a ship was sent to another star to investigate it, again we might naturally expect this to happen in real life. Such an event would be controversial but it would be hard to imagine simply ignoring the evidence.

Another similar situation was in the movie and story Contact by Carl Sagan, in each story we naturally expect to see the evidence being confronted.  SETI was formed to explore the possibility of alien messages from other stars; most people would see this as a logical step though nothing has been found so far. It would seem strange to not even try to listen for such messages.

So this is the reason for my original question, if there was some evidence of hypothetical alien artifacts on another planet in the solar system what would people naturally expect to be done about them? Looking at it this way I believe most people would expect to either contribute towards such an expedition or support it happening.

Most people would probably say this evidence should obviously be investigated but this is not what has happened so far. For decades now evidence has been accumulating on alien ruins on Mars. This website refers to a book I wrote on the subject exploring the evidence. By its nature photographic evidence from space is hard to use to prove artificiality, scientists are still arguing about geological questions these images have raised. Most would agree we have to go there at some point to answer geological questions such as ancient oceans and rivers on Mars. Only a human colony can give a definitive answer with regard to these scientific questions, again few would argue with the idea of going to Mars to do science. It is not in the nature of science to ignore any kind of question it confronts.

In the same way I believe only a human colony will definitively answer the questions these alien artifacts on Mars have raised, who built them, how long have they been there, do they represent an opportunity or a threat. My book is about a site with the most evidence in one place, it is called the King’s Valley because of the main face found there called the Crowned Face.

Good people can argue about the evidence, whether it is conclusive or not. Some people will always say they see no evidence at all. But this is natural among experts, scientists are still arguing about water on Mars as well. My point is the evidence is vitally important and cannot be dismissed so we must go and investigate it. Hence the name of the book, “Why we must go to Mars: The King’s Valley”.

It will indeed be obvious to many that we must go and go soon. For those who believe this some can help to make it happen, I am proposing a human or robotic expedition to visit the King’s Valley within 10 years, by the 4th of July 2013 or earlier. This need not be an organization I am running or even one I am involved in. My point is simply that someone needs to go, there are plenty of other possible organizations for this such as Mars One and the Mars Society. But initially an organization to promote this idea may be useful.

This is not as impossible as it might sound, NASA is already sending rovers to Mars that could be adapted for such a robotic mission. More technology would be required because it is a valley and much more difficult for a Rover to explore, more likely advanced robotics would be required to be able to climb and walk around to investigate all the possible artifacts. Another daunting problem is funding but again the money required is not much compared to the world’s GDP, also the cost of a colony on Mars has been plummeting as technology has improved. I believe once the importance of such a mission is understood by people the money will be found somehow.

So the objective of this website is to set up an organization of qualified people to make this expedition and colony happen within 10 years. Qualified in this case would probably mean scientists or those able to work on funding an expedition. But those interested need to ask themselves honestly what they would do about alien artifacts on Mars. Would they help to make a colony happen or hinder it? If they want to honestly help then it is a unique opportunity and they can contact me on ultor.org@gmail.com.